Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stop an Exploding Man by Flying Him Into the Sun?

So, the season finale. Yes, there were some plot holes (um, why didn't Sylar and Peter use, like, ANY of their mulitple powers? Freezing? Melting metal? No? And why didn't Peter fly himself out of dangerous range, or have Hiro teleport himself away?)
But, there was a lot to enjoy - Ando and Hiro's final exchange ("You look badass." "Really?") HRG's first name reveal, and Claire's "I already have a family" and subsequent face plant after jumping out a window...the flashing images in Sylar's eyeballs...
So, Lost finale tonight. Then we'll have to find something new to occupy ourselves with...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Landslide - and what's next?

How cool was last night's episode? HRG's: "Your last thought." Even Niki, upon seeing Matt: "Didn't I throw you out a window?"
And how many shows have the cohones to kill off three or maybe four of their main characters in a non-season-ending episode? Ted, I expected. Linderman had it coming, as did HRG's terrible boss, the backlit Eric Roberts. I mean, Lost teases us for weeks with Charlie's possible death - only one character! Heroes serves up action!
So, who will stop the exploding man? Will Hiro? Or will Nathan step in and fly the bomb to safety at the last minute? Will Sylar find, kill and eat Candace's brain, giving him the dangerous ability to shapeshift? What are your spoilery guesses for the season ender?

Monday, May 14, 2007


Pre-Landslide Posting:
NBC has greenlighted a new spinoff of Heroes to take up the space that the new episode gap left us this year called Heroes: Origins which will be kind of standalone episodes about other Heroes not included in the show. Sounds cool to me!

PS Has anybody else been getting back into Lost? I swore I would stop watching that show, but I've watched pretty much every episode the last few weeks. Compulsive!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Hard Part - Otherwise known as "The Holding Pattern"

An okay episode. I thought an epi focused on Sylar would be more interesting.
My favorite line was Claire's "The universe could not be that lame."
Who is betting that Mama Petrelli in that last scene was really evil shapeshifter/Mastermind Candace?

Cannot wait for the final two episodes!