Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lindeman and the Company - and Buffy!

Finally got ahold of the new Buffy comic, "season 8" - where Buffy is leading a gang of slayers on covert ops across the world, Dawn is a giant, Xander's still one-eyed. The cover of Buffy with the Scythe - out of this world.

So, from the spoilers, it looks like Lindeman has a healing ability - much like those healing aliens from the X-Files who healed Mudler's mother - and could be the head of "the company without initials."
And, in yet another X-Men ripoff, Hiro and Ando see a future in which mutants - I mean Heroes - are tagged and hunted by the president after the explosion in NYC. Can they stop this future from coming to pass - and will Nathan become president?

Who else thinks April 23rd is way too far away?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heroes season finale spoilers

Check out this from scifi wire:
Looks like we're in for a "cliffhanger" type ending of the season. In three parts. Hrmph.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Miyazaki News, Heroes Update

All righty, ripped right from the headlines of Nausicaa.Net, a fantastic-sounding update about Miyazaki's new movie, featuring animals that want to become human and a boy on a cliff:

March 19, 2007 Miyazaki's Next Film AnnouncedHayao Miyazaki's next film was announced today. The title is "Gake no ue no Ponyo" (Ponyo On A Cliff) and is scheduled for release in the summer of 2008.The plot revolves around the Princess goldfish Ponyo who wants to become human and 5 years old boy named Sosuke. Key words of the film are "father", "mother", and "a cliff". While not announced as the location Tomo-no-Ura in Seto-naikai is the likely setting as Miyazaki spent some time there last spring.The model for Sosuke is Goro Miyazaki (Hayao's son) when he was 5 years old.This film is expressed in a watercolor and pastel-like freehand drawing. Studio Ghibli President Toshio Suzuki mentioned, "70 or 80% of the stage is the sea. How will we express the sea and a wave in a freehand drawing, it's the director's challenge."Additional news and commentary from GhibliWorld.

The next epi of Heroes will be titled .07 percent, which I believe to be a reference to how many people will die in the NYC exploding man incident unless it is stopped. I hope HRG can get out of the clutches of his horrid company.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Witchblade fans - here' some news from
"Bandai will be releasing their edition of the Witchblade manga in June. Top Cow, publishers of the original Witchblade comic will first be publishing the manga in a colored, flipped edition before Bandai's right-to-left, black and white version."
I've heard the Japanese Sara will no longer be a cop...

Monday, March 5, 2007

Parasites Lost

The rundown of the latest Heroes episode...
Oh, were so close to not being chumped.
I liked Nikki finally outsmarting Jessica. Way to go, formerly useless girl!
It's important to watch the reflections of your shape-shifters, HRG. Wow...they cribbed X-Men's Mystique without even changing her sex/attitude/personality, the way they did with Wolverine etc. That shape-shifting character is so horrible. I don't like villainesses who don't have a sense of subtlety or nuance. Note to Heroes writers: it's always best for the bad guys to have some likable characteristics, and heroes to have some unlikable ones.
That's why Lindeman's reveal was so great - the cooking speech, etc. Happiness versus meaning. Maybe Linderman hopes to be a sort of evil Xavier - controlling and collecting the mutants for his own purposes?
The last image of Mohinder was so heartbreaking. I hope Peter kicks some ass next time...the wait til April will be too terrible!
PS How great was it that the Haitian's secret contact was...Claire's biological grandmother? And, in case you didn't know, Haiti's citizens speak French and Creole.