Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heroes Episode - The Fix

Sooo, overall this episode was bit of a letdown - except for the last two minutes, which revealed Claire-the-indestructible cheerleader's "Pyro" mother, and Hiro's father, Sulu/George Takei.
When the writers spend too much time on Niki's character, the fun quotient of the show goes down, and why they're withholding power from Hiro - which seems pointlessly frustrating.
I did like the new invisible guy, too, although why he seemed so hostile to Peter - I like the idea that his character might be misanthropic, kind of a House-like hero - he seemed bizarrely unwilling ot help Peter, then did a 360 turnaround for no reason.
This show's strength is its use of archetypal characters - pulled right from not only X-Men from Joseph Campbell - with a welcome dash of multi-cultural and feminist story lines - and a fast-moving plot with plenty of rewards (hello, Lost!) along the way. I don't know if the show will be able to sustain itself, but maybe it will attract better acting and writing talent as they go along, which is, as I recall the arc that many "genre" shows improve by.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So, Heroes episode Godsend: What did you think?
I particularly liked the scene between cheerleader Claire and the Haitian. It reminded me of a Giles/Buffy scene. Would the Hiatian make the coolest Watcher ever? Likes Giles, except instead of tweedy and British, a Haitian who doesn't talk to anyone but you AND has the ability to wipe out people's memories. Yes, pretty kick ass.
I liked the interaction between Mohinder and Horn-Rimmed Glasses guy and Hiro and Nathan (flying man!) Also, the last five minutes...but I thought it was a total copout with the dinasaur statue...
Having been studying some Japanese, I thought it was cool how they had Ando interpret the reoccuring "sign" of the heroes as a set of Japanese characters reprenting "talent" and "God sent."

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sci FI Museum's Hall of Fame

Today The Science Fiction Museum Hall of Fame inducted Anne McCaffrey, one of my favorite writers of childhood. Her best work, in my humble opinion, is the Dragonsinger Series. George Lucas was also inducted, although his best work is, sadly, far behind him now. (Don't even mention the new Star Wars movies. They are dead to me.) I think the best thing he's done in years was his brief appearance on The Colbert Report.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Can't Wait for the 22nd

Looking forward to the upcoming new episode of Heroes. Can't get enough of this show, especially the vulnerable but indestructible cheerleader and Hiro, of course. It almost makes me as happy as Buffy used to. Sure, the dialogue isn't too sophisticated, but the plot twists rock! Speaking of Buffy, also looking forward to long-awaited new issues of the comic from Joss Whedon, picking up where Season 7 left off.
I'm starting this blog so I can chat about the latest geek news, television shows, new Anime, and comics. Hope you enjoy!