Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Buffy Comics - Season Eight Issue 2 and 3

A brief review of the second and third issues of the Joss Whedon post television show Buffyverse comics - in which Dawn is a giant, Amy is attacking Buffy with a dreamscape haunted by Ethan Rayne (and images of Spike and Angel) and Buffy must be awakened by the kiss of true love (who can that be?) Andrew continues to be Andrew with the slayerettes, and did I mention Willow comes back but is then sucked into a portal?
These comics definitely keep the appeal of the show - clever dialogue, the easy comaraderie of the "Scoobies" and our curiousity over what these guys have been doing since Sunnydale blew up. Not quite as good as seeing it "in real life" - or in a television or movie format - but definitely the Buffy fix I have been looking for. I hope the series just keeps getting better. My only complaint is that there are too few pages and that sometimes I can't tell Buffy is Buffy because of the way they draw her - sometimes distinctly like SMG, sometimes just like a generic cute blonde, which can be confusing.
I have actually pre-ordered the 4th issue from a real-life comic book shop down the street.