Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 ComicCon - getting better for girls, or worse?

Thanks to the excellent Wendy Babiak for turning my attention to this article from Ms. Magazine's blog:
In a discussion Wendy started on Facebook, I remarked:
"For one thing, I'm not sure I would ever use Twilight in any way as a positive representation of anything feminist. As if.
Seriously though, I presented the comic-heroines-poetry panel at WonderCon as part of the Comic Arts Conference in 2009, in San Francisco, but I did attend ComicCon in San Diego as well, and I was actually very cheered at the growing contingent of "geek girls" taking more power and control at the conference. It's not the age of "booth babes" - at least, not as much as it used to be. Groups like "Team Unicorn" are creating their own real presence, and female writers and artists are increasing in number, I think, as well. Jennifer K. Stuller would be a great person to ask about this stuff, as she goes more than I do!"

What do you guys think? I wasn't able to go to ComicCon this year as it conflicted with the Port Townsend Writer's Conference, but I would be interested in hear from girls that went, and hear your opinions: how girl-friendly is the con these days? Better or worse than a few years ago? Fewer or more female writers, artists, etc?