Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry for the long absence...

Sorry for the long absence, readers! I've been sick, injured, and just completed a move! Still, that's no excuse.
Well, as far as new science fiction/fantasy/female comic book superhero's been a little quiet. The new fall shows haven't really grabbed me yet. Any you'd recommend?
I've been keeping up with the Buffy comics, which have continued apace in an almost True-Blood-ian universe in which slayers are the enemy and vampires have reality shows. Speaking of True Blood, I liked the second season a little less than the first, except for the episode in which Godric is introduced and goes to "meet the sun" which I thought was just really well-executed in terms of writing and pacing. Vampire Diaries seems like a Twilight ripoff, but is perhaps better in terms of writing and tension than the Twilight movie. Still, none of them have the wit, charm, and fight of Buffy. Sigh.