Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The latest on Chuck, the penultimate epi of Heroes

First of all, congrats to Chuck - this excellent show has been picked up for when the writer's strike is over, for a full season. This show is like watching a wonderful movie (Office Space meets Alias?) for an hour every week. I love it!

So, this episode lacked the power, wit and grace of the previous one, had way too many plotlines, and just fell flat. Let's hope the next episode, which, if the writers don't get working soon, is going to be the season finale, isn't the big disappointment that last year's season finale was. I was pretty much looking forward to Hiro kicking Peter's butt in this episode, but, sadly, they're saving that for next week. Have you ever heard of an "idiot" plot? This means everyone has to be an idiot for the plotline to work. So, this week, Maya, Peter, Mohinder...Micah's cousin...wow, how incredibly easily manipulated are these characters? I hate losing respects for my imaginary friends.
On the plus side, it was nice to see Claire standing up for herself with Elle.

On a somewhat related note, if you love superheroes and poetry, or someone you love does,
This book makes a great holiday gift!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cautionary Tales - Daddy Issues and Why Can't Every Episode of Heroes Be This Good?

Okay, where did they dig up the writers for this episode? Have these writers been asleep for the first seven or eight episodes? How is it that suddenly, Heroes becomes funny, snappy, heart-rending, and action-packed after a snoozer of a half-season? I was literally jumping up and down off my couch and pacing the whole episode? What happens next? Argh! No, Writer's Strike! Don't take away this new and improved Heroes!

So many witty lines ("What is your power - human punching bag?" "Do you still have Mr. Muggles Doggy Bath?" Dark!) And how great was Mrs. HRG tonight? Finally he faced his fears about his own death, and became his kick-ass old, sort-of-evil-sort-of-good self? And how weird is it that the writers complicated the boring characters of Mohinder and Matt Parkman? Good times.

Also, the whole Hiro investigating his father's murder, and paying his last respects in back time, was pretty great. "We have the powers of gods, but that does mean we should play God." Superheroes, man, all those moral and ethical delimnas.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Four Months Ago...and Chuck, Meet Summer!

It's a sad story because you just know Chuck is going to get cancelled because of the strike. But when Chuck (ie Seth Cohen, the older-and-more-spy-like) met Summer in last night's episode (Chuck Versus the Truth) I just wished the show would go on forever. So much fun!

On Heroes, we finally got to solve some of the mysteries (How Peter wound up with amnesia, how Nathan was healed, how DL died) but others were left unsolved - like, how did the Bennett's get back together? This, again, is a show that is just getting back together just before the writer's strike will cause it to go dark.

And I am a writer, so I support fair wages for work performed, but at this point, I think they're doing themselves more harm than good. One of their key sticking points is getting paid for downloads of episodes, and I think that's still such a new revenue stream (ie not that successful a revenue stream) for companies that the big media networks aren't going to budge on it. I've always worked for a set-fee for my media contributions, and never got a per-download bonus or anything. That would be nice, though. How about it, MSDN?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Heroes Moving in the Right Direction, just in time...

Yes, the last two episodes of Heroes have moved towards the action, bringing the characters together, setting up a conflict and challenge for the Heroes to confront (Adam/the Virus.) Why did it take SO LONG to get going? One of my poetry professors told the class, people have short attention spans, your poems must provide constant rewards for the reader or they will stop reading. Applies to television too. Too little reward, and your loyal fans dissapate.
And now that the writers' strike is upon us, will it derail the momentum? Even worse, does this mean the end of "Chuck," "Reaper," et al and a deluge of reality television and game shows?

In other news, the Buffy comic (Season 8 - see Dark Horse Comics for more details) has been really wonderful. I heard that Joss Whedon and the actress that played Faith are going to team up for a weird "Dark Angel" type series where "blank" human superbeings are imprinted with memories and abilities for nefarious missions. Could be good, could be awful. I'm reserving judgement til I hear more.