Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Villainess Appearance at ComicCon

Listen, I know I usually try to keep my supervillainess identity on this site a secret (thinly veiled, perhaps, but still...)
But I was so geeked out and excited by the following that I have to post it. My name was listed without my actual last name - which, you know, increases the mystery - but a group of people are presenting on High and Low Art at ComicCon, and my book is one of the topics! Eeeee!

Here's the listing from the ComicCon Schedule:

Saturday 1:00-2:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #11: High Art and Low—Richard Becker (CSU Northridge) discusses the nature of the narrator and authorial self-insertions in comics, like those of Lee and Kirby, Gerber, and Morrison, and the schism between schools of storytelling in which the writer is very visible and another in which the writer seeks to be completely invisible. John A. Walsh (Indiana University) examines Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol stories and their punctuation by appearances of and allusions to similarly fracture, damaged, and outcast artists and works and asks whether the members of the Doom Patrol are artists or heroes and if there’s a difference. Jason Mott (UNC-Wilmington) uncovers the history of comic book superheroes and traces their evolution from serving purely as devices of metaphor for poets to becoming the subject of extended development and progression by award-winning poets such as Brian Dietrich in Krypton Nights and Jeannine Hall in Becoming the Villainess. Room 30AB

Sure, the talk is opposite the Q&A with the "Heroes" cast and crew - but that wouldn't stop you from attending, right? I wish I was going to be in San Diego July 28! Anyone who goes and gives me a report of that session gets a free Supervillainess gift!

PS - I'm listed only two column inches away from Masi Oka!! It's almost like meeting him!