Friday, January 29, 2010

Dollhouse got better in the second season, and WonderCon

Guess who is presenting at WonderCon this year? Me! It's going to be all about superheroes and poetry. Excited yet? I am!

I think I've figured out why Dollhouse got so much better in the second season. Yes, I continued watching even though I had problems with the first season. The second season was more coherent, more oriented towards female-empowerment, and more intelligently written. Anyway, the girls who ran Reaper became Dollhouse showrunners. I loved Reaper, and I really admire Craft and Fain for their unique quirks, their uses of humor and pop culture and the mystical as metaphor. Anyway, I wasn't crazy about Boyd's reveal as the big bad, because there would be a lot of neccessary retconning to make that work, but I thought they did a nice job wrapping up the show with Epitaph 2, and they even got Eliza to emote!

I'm pretty excited about Lost starting up again. With Leno at 10 PM cancelled, a lot of good shows will have more episodes now, too. TV is looking up once again!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New seasons, new shows?

So, faithful readers, any new girl-empowered sci-fi-type shows worth watching coming out? I haven't heard much buzz at all about any of the new shows, but figured it was worth asking...

I am looking forward to the return of Chuck even though I know their budgets have been cut and so we're probably going to suffer because of that - hopefully they didn't cut back on writer's salaries!

I was trying to think if I was really looking forward to any other shows returning. Maybe the flawed-but-fun Vampire Diaries and similarly, too-gory-for-me-but-fun True Blood? Lost?