Monday, April 30, 2007

String Theory - It Just Don't Add Up!

OK, sorry to be the annoying fangirl here, but...tonight's episode has so many logic holes it made my head hurt. "Take That, Causality!"
1. Why didn't Matt "reads minds" Parkman realize the president was Sylar instead of Nathan?
2. Why didn't Haitian "reads memories" superguy realize the president was Sylar instead of Nathan? and why didn't the Haitian's neutralizing powers reveal Nathan as Sylar?
3. If Claire was never killed by Sylar, why did he regenerate when Hiro stabbed him in the alternate future universe? Also, Claire never died, so why did Hiro think she did?
4. WTF?

In future, my dear writers, don't pick up time loops that you're not powerful enough to handle.

In other news, I went to a reading by Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn, and many other cool things. It turns out he's a Buffy fan! Who'd a thunk it? And his favorite actor from the show was Spike. And that his father told the story that appeared in BTVS - the one where Dawn brings her mother back from the dead with demon power - which was apparently ripped off from a famous sci-fi author. Ha! Anyway, Peter S. Beagle was super cool, and now I have a signed copy of the alternate version of The Last Unicorn signed to my little brother, who is also a huge P. S. Beagle fan.

PS For my birthday, couldn't they have done an alternate universe that made more sense?
PSS I'm excited about the little girl who apparently has the power to take down Sylar. But, since he wasn't the exploding man after all (as Peter explained in anti-logic alternate future universe) - maybe it doesn't matter?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

.07 Percent and the future that probably won't happen

Was the "fight the future" line from Isaac supposed to be a winking reference to the X-Files movie? And what about HRG's "Cherry Pie" line referencing Twin Peaks? However, as fanboys from Aintitcool have pointed out, Heroes current plotline most baldly references the graphic novel "The Watchmen" and the X-Men's Future/Past episodes. In fact, some might say they "lift the entire plot from" rather than reference.
Nevertheless, I was happy to have my show back last night. It took me a few minutes to really engage with the characters again. I was looking especially forward to the Peter/Sylar face off, but was ultimately disappointed (uh, invisible Peter - when you see glass floating in the air, either move the glass into your enemy with telekenetic powers, get on the damn ground, or, you know, sneak around your enemy while you're invisible and bash him on the head! Didn't all that training teach you anything? Oh, and Mohinder? After you knock out a bad guy, go ahead and take him out all the way. Don't just leave him to kill the hottest guy on the show!)
I was sorry, but not surprised, about Isaac's death.
The whole "future that won't really happen" thing - next week's episode, reminds me of the "possible futures" that Charles Wallace and Gaudior got thrown into in Madeleine L'Engle's "A Swiftly Tilting Planet." A good thing we had that book as children, or we'd never know how to follow all the comic books' timeline logics. "Might-have-been" moments must be spotted and changed!
And who will end up being responsible for the explosion - Peter? Sylar? Nuclear boy what's-his-name? Tune in next week for the inevitable drawing out of the answer for another week!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

One more day til the new Heroes! Who can wait? Mohinder - dead? HRG - can he escape? And what's the deal with Hiro being in the near future?
Buffy "season 7" comic - number 2 - is out!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Heroes teaser, best line

How great was the Heroes teaser during 30 Rock last night? SOooo cheesy, yet so delicious!

Best line from last night's The Office?
I'm not a hero. You know who's a hero? Hiro from Heroes. And also Bono."