Thursday, May 22, 2008

NPR and graphic novels?

NPR has a story on the influence of comics and graphic novels on three writers, including Joss Whedon and the new Wonder Woman writer:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feminists in Manga

Ain't It Cool news sometimes leads to amazing discoveries, which is why I read it despite the sex-crazed idiots that often post on its talkbacks - and review movies. Like this article that previews a new guide to Manga by Japanese Manga artist and, dare I say, feminist-type grrl Mimei Sakamoto.
Check out her cartoon from Time Asia: "When No Choice is a Good One: A Girl's Guide to Happiness in Japan"

And here's her scathing comment, as an anime fan or otaku herself, on the young male anime fan-fascination with "moe" (fetishizing innocence and childhood) anime:
"Perhaps it's because 'Train Man' (the story of an otaku who wins the heart of a pretty woman) was such a hit, but recently I've seen all these dorky guys walking around in thick glasses and checkered shirts and it pains my heart to think that they may be hoping to meet some pretty girl who's going to fall in love with them. Sorry guys, the chances of that happening are zero...This fetish you call 'moe' is a pedophiliac fetish and is nothing more than perversion. It's not really something you should be gushing over," the manga artist says, addressing the otaku. "In other countries, they'd call what you're fantasizing over 'child pornography' and you'd all be arrested. I'm ashamed that these 'otaku' who are perpetual criminals have entered the mainstream and started an otaku boom."

Pretty interesting stuff, huh? Here's the whole article on Aintitcool, which includes a lot of other anime news as well.

Monday, May 12, 2008

News - a Live Action Witchblade Movie?

Wow, first the live-action television show is finally out on DVD, now this!

A Witchblade live-action movie, based on the comic book, will start production this fall. I thought it was very promising that several Top Cow guys will be very involved in the movie. Here's the Variety article about the movie (Thanks Aintitcool News for the link!)

Those of you who don't share my enthusiasm for Witchblade yet, I hope the movie will change your minds. Sara Pezzini is the quintessintial ambivalent, tormented female comic book antiheroine.
Now, if only they would make a really cool Wonder Woman movie...Darn you Joss Whedon - why oh why didn't you make it when you had the chance?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Comic Book Saturday!

It sounds too good to be true - but it is! Check out your local independent comic seller this Saturday, May 3, for a free comic book!
Here's the web site for more info:

In honor of the day, this person posted some comic-related poetry on her blog, including my own "Female Comic Book Superheroes." Check it out!