Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's Your Dream Superheroine Movie?

So, the huge success of Sex and the City has made me optimistic about female comic book superhero movies, perhaps foolishly, given the terrible, terrible treatment given most female superheroines by Hollywood so I need to mention names? Aeon Flux, Catwoman, Underworld, etc...Bad writing, bad budgets, it's like they were trying to sabotage these movies or something!
But the success must mean that girls are desperate to see movies about...gasp...girls! You know, with stars who are female. And stories that are interesting to females.
So, besides the Joss Whedon Wonder Woman movie, what would your dream superheroine movie be? Who would you cast? Who would write it?


Felicity said...

First impulse: Birds of Prey (the real one, let's pretend that TV thing never happened) with Julianne Moore or Gillian Anderson as Oracle (I think JM is much less likely to say yes than GA, don't you?), c. 1985 Kathleen Turner as Canary (I know, we should be realistic, but I can't think of any athletic 30-yr-old blondes in Hollywood right now, and KT would have been fabulous -- she's tough, smart, AND a former gymnast), and...hmm. If you wanted to put Huntress in, I'm tempted to say Eliza Dushku, tho' she might be ill-pleased with the typecasting.

There has to be one tough, athletic blonde in her 30s in Hollywood. Or maybe we can get a Brit to fake the accent :p

Anyway, I'll shock and surprise you by not saying Joss; I haven't actually seen his DC work, so I'd actually prefer to talk Gail Simone into writing a screenplay. Her BoP has been SO awesome.

Cindy Cooper said...

Birds of Prey would be awesome! I think a Black Widow movie could be very good, if done properly.

And, yes, I'm holding my breath for Wonder Woman. Isn't Whedon off that project now though?

Supervillainess said...

Yes, the last I heard, Joss was off the project, and it's been put on hold indefinitely. Sigh!
Now, a Fray movie - that would be something!